In 2011, Wylie City Council voted to allow the recently vacated Rita and Truett Smith Public Library building, located at 800 Thomas St., to be reserved for transformation into the Wylie Senior Center. City funds are not available for necessary renovations. 

That’s where the Wylie Advocates for Senior Activities, Inc., came in. WASA was formed for the purpose of raising funds to outfit the center, providing a safe and senior-friendly environment and a home base for classes, meetings, lessons, fellowship and community-beneficial activities.

“Wylie is currently one of the fastest growing communities in this country, and one of those areas of high growth has been in our senior population. As a city, we have a responsibility and duty to provide services for the benefit of all our citizens as we continue to move forward.     

”An active center that is dedicated to the needs of our senior population would be a true benefit to our community. It will be good, not only for the seniors who live here now, but also for Wylie newcomers who might consider moving to this wonderful city. The city has been able to dedicate a building and land for this purpose, but now we need to move forward with securing funding. “These funds will assist in making the needed improvements to the building and allow it to become a senior center that will benefit our seniors for many years to come.”       – Mayor Eric Hogue